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Anxiety around feeding a baby is very common for new parents and breastfeeding is not always easy. At Baby Intuition we understand the difficulties and joys that mothers can experience.  Having someone to discuss these up and downs with can reduce anxiety and really make a difference.


We are trained breastfeeding counsellors but our approach is mother-centred. Which means we support breastfeeding, bottle feeding and introducing solid food.   We help you to find your own way to feed, nurture and bond with your baby.


Support at home, at your finger tips, call and we will visit you.



Breastfeeding not going smoothly?  we offer home visits and often find spending 60-90 minutes with a new mum is all she needs to get breastfeeding

back on track after an errartic start.  Babies and breasts change so much in the

first few days and we provide explanations for the inconsistant information and suggest pain free ways to breastfeed.  We can signpost to recommended maternity nurses, lactation consultants and baby sitters if you need additional support.




Ante-Natal Feeding Workshop


    first hour

One-to-One  home support with feeding


for two


We can provide either a one to one (plus birth partner) session, or you may

want to gather a group of friends and we will talk to your group about how

to breastfeed, express your milk or discuss reasons why bottle feeding is

sometimes necessary too.

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