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Postnatal Doula: All our practitioners specialise in supporting mums who

are anxious around the first few weeks at home with baby.  We offer 3 home

visits of around 60 minutes (or 2 home visits of 90 minutes) for a fixed fee of

£100.00 if booked and purchased before baby is born.  We will then keep

ourselves free to visit you at home once baby arrives.  These hours can be

extended if needed.  A great baby shower present :  )


Becoming a mother for the first, or even the second and third  time, brings it's challenges. Here at Baby Intuition, we have gathered years of experience to share and support you  throughout your new journey into parenthood.


A doula can be invaluable support during birth and those precious early weeks at home with

a new baby.  We offer you our time and experience with a kind and gentle approach when

you may be feeling vulnerable and out of your depth.


Postnatal - Call on Demand

Contract Based



We will create a bespoke postnatal doula package to fit your needs, you

may only need support for a few days or a couple weeks until you feel

you can cope again, this support is sometimes required when 'Dad' goes

back to work.                                                                          


         for 3





per hour

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