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Silent Reflux –Is there anything a mum can do to comfort their baby?


Linda, The Sleep Lady really does seem to be an expert when it comes to silent reflux, sadly for SW London mums, she is based in Edinburgh but is available over the phone and charges £90.00 for an initial telephone consultation.  She does occasionally come to London.


She has, however, very kindly shared a great deal of her knowledge with me and here are the areas she says are specifically important.


Top Tips for Reflux

- Feed baby upright for between 20-30 minute, feed every 2 hours but do not leave for more than 3 hours, during the day.  At night leave to sleep as long as baby is gaining weight. It is important not to overfeed.


- Once milk has been digested, tummy gets extended and baby gets a bubble of acid which really hurts, once it has come out baby is in no discomfort, hence the immediacy of baby’s cry.


- You can purchase a dummy that you can fill with the Gaviscon which should help the process of giving it to baby, it is important to keep her upright and not let her tummy get squashed.


- Silent reflux babies like quick movements like lunges, gentle movement does not work, pushing quickly in the buggy rather than a slow walk.  She also suggests getting a gym ball for mum to sit on as baby is likely to enjoy this movement too.


- It is important to avoid constipation and if it happens she suggests (although also admits this is an ‘old wives tale’) 3 oz of cooled boiled water with 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar in it, but only if constipation occurs.


- Slowly increase the quantity of Gaviscon to 6 sachets over a 24 hour period.


- Breastfeeding mum’s: Keep a food diary, do not eat: tomatoes, apples, citrus fruit, onions, leeks, bananas or chocolate.


Websites with good reflux information



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