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Just when everything seems to have fallen into place..


and (a) breastfeeding is going well, and (b) a natural pattern may have emerged that suits the family, your baby has a biological leap forward and realizes that there is much more to their life than just food and cuddles!


There are lights, smiles, noise and patterns everywhere, and as they have now got the hang of feeding, snacking seems much more appealing than long meals at the breast.


Take a look at the link below, if you need some reassurance that it is a developmental phrase, rather than your baby’s insatiable desire to turn your life upside down again!


If tears (theirs not yours, although mostly this happens simultaneously!) follow their distracted behavior, it may be worth considering whether or not they are teething.  Signs to look out for: lots of sucking of hands, drooling and possible sore bottoms.  You may not see the teeth, but they could be on the move in your baby’s gums.


One more book worth considering is The Wonder Weeks by Hetty van de Rijt, Ph.D and Frans Plooij, Ph.D. This explains the biological reasons behind the changes to a baby’s behaviour.


Or come along to one of our drop ins for a chat with us, or with other mums, hearing another baby is going through the same behaviour changes can sometimes be reassuring.


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