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Balance Perfomance Physio


Physiotherapists Balance Physio talk about how they help their clients to live and feel better and why they get up in the morning:



We treat, empower and move our clients to live healthier and perform better. We know you want and need to move freely again, without pain or a sense of vulnerability, but with confidence and a sense of resilience (i.e you can bounce back from anything).


So, we get up and come to Balance with enthusiasm and passion each morning with the intention of guiding our clients to:

- Overcome their pains and weaknesses;

- To instil greater confidence, awareness and control of their body and mind and provide the   tools and knowledge our clients need to maximise on their potential.


Who we are and why we created Balance Performance?

We are a team of health professionals. Although we began in 2001 emphasising our physiotherapy practice we’ve always been about far more than muscle, fascia, ligaments and bones – health encapsulates the mental, emotional and physical.


Meet the team here:



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