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21 & Co is a small charity dedicated to giving support to children and young people with Down’s Syndrome and their families in South West London.


Set up in 2002, they are run by families for families. 21 & Co's services include a huge choice

of activities for children, parents and professionals throughout the year, as well as personal support, information and advice.


New families are always welcome so whether you are new parents or have an older child with Down’s syndrome please get in touch.





Support from Baby Intuition


There are babies with DS locally so if you need to talk to a local mum about the special needs of your baby let us know and we will put you in touch.  Your health visitor will be able to get a special chart to put in your red health book which is designed around the development needs of a baby with DS, the charts are different, so don't be afraid to be assertive if you feel your baby's growth and feeding patterns seem on track to you.

own's Syndrome

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