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Babies are at the calmest when they are close to you


Babies who are worn in slings tend to be more settled and sleep for longer. They have improved digestion from being held upright and they cry for about half the length of time of babies who are not worn. They spend most of their time in a state of ‘quiet alertness’, able to take in what is going on around them. Premature babies gain weight faster when worn and have better temperature regulation.


Babywearing in Special Situations

Parents of babies with special needs, premature or low birthweight babies and twins can still wear their babies. It’s worth talking to a babywearing consultant about the best type of sling for your child(ren).


Sling Safety

There are some simple safety tips which can be used to make sure that your baby is always carried safely. A good sling should have these features (remember the TICKS acronym):

- Tight

- In view at all times

- Close enough to kiss

- Keep baby’s chin off her chest

- Support his back at all time


Benefits of Babywearing for Parents 

Parents who carry their babies enjoy a close relationship with their baby and learn to pick up on their cues. They have a lower incidence of post-natal depression.  Breastfeeding may be easier. Mum can read baby’s cues and react quickly to his needs and having her baby close will help her milk supply.


Using a sling means that parents will have their hands free. This makes tasks such as washing up or cooking much easier. If you have another child, using a sling can reduce sibling rivalry and frustration as you’ll have your hands free to play.


Hannah at Wear My Baby

Hannah runs workshops to show you just how to wear your baby, please take a look at her website for all the details - well worth a trip to Tooting, or get a group together and she will come to you!


Tooting Sling Meet

Once a month, usually on the 2nd or 3rd Friday of the month, from 10am-12pm at - 94 Seely Road, SW17 9QU.  The dates are set about 3 weeks in advance and shared on our Facebook page 'Tooting Sling Meet'.


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