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Britta Woermann Acupuncture

BSc (Hons), LicAc, MBAcC


Britta is a highly trained acupuncturist for adults and children with a broad knowledge of Western medicine. Britta runs her private practice in the Nightingale Triangle, a calm and tranquil residential area, conveniently located just five minutes from Clapham South tube station. Britta offers acupunture treatments to help you during your pregnancy as well as

after-care too:



- Backache & Sciatica

- Breech Position

- Cystitis

- Heartburn, Induction

- Morning Sickness

- Natural Birth Preparation

- Oedema

- Symphysis Pubis Pain


Post-natal Care

- Fatigue

- Postpartum Vaginal Discharge

- Postpartum Depression

- Insufficientor Excessive Lactation

- Mastitis Post-operative Scar Healing



Telephone: 07941 222027








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