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By Baby Intuition, Sep 2 2017 06:08PM

Then join me for a ‘mums to be retreat’ between Friday 16th March and Monday 19th March 2018 at 5 star Almyra Hotel in Cyprus

I was delighted to be approached by my local travel agent, Travel Matters, to be part of a wonderful retreat long weekend designed especially for new parents to be

I will be hosting the weekend with a fantastic colleague Nadia Rafaat of

We have been working alongside each other for three years with a shared passion to support new parents before, during and after birth.

FRIDAY: Nadia and I will meet you on arrival for a welcome drink, followed by dinner. You will have the opportunity to chill out in the Almyra bar before retiring to your room to catch a cozy night’s sleep before waking up to a wonderful yoga class - your choice of course : )

SATURDAY: Nadia will introduce you to the practice of Mindfulness, explore its many aspects and attitudes and you learn how Mindfulness will support and enhance your pregnancy, birth and parenting experience. You will practice physical skills for labour, working with the breath and the body to explore a range of Mindfulness-based techniques and birth skills for eliciting and maintaining an open and relaxed mental/emotional state during the labour and birth process.

These classes will be broken into two x two hour sessions after which you will have the option of a massage and spa treatment for one hour. We will have dinner as a group, providing the opportunity to develop friendships and ask Nadia and I any inquisitive questions about birth and babies.

SUNDAY: Another opportunity to try yoga before breakfast. We will then begin my ‘Bringing Baby Home’ workshops broken into two x two hour sessions. I will explain the support provided by the NHS and the alternative sources of support available within your community that can enhance your experience and build your confidence as a parent. I will explain the complexities of how a newborn baby feeds to enable you to differentiate between baby’s feed, sleep and play cues. I will also provide an understanding on the many early developmental stages to enable you to recognize why your baby may be crying. Knowing these developmental stages will enable you to soothe your baby and create a calm environment for mum, partner and baby.

Late afternoon there will be an option of a pedicure treatment and a facial. We will have our final dinner followed by a retreat closing session with Nadia and I over a virgin cocktail !

MONDAY: Breakfast at leisure, check out and depart the hotel. Nadia and I will be on hand to say good-bye.

This long weekend - truly will be treat for you to share precious information with your birth partner or a close friend or relative who wants to accompany you for the weekend. They are welcome to join the birth and parenting sessions and/or make use of the hotel facilities and join us for yoga, breakfast and dinner.

I hope to meet you very soon

By Baby Intuition, Jun 6 2017 02:03PM

What a week of very bad, sad news when we were all moved and shocked by wicked behaviour of three men. It will take a long time to reflect upon the impact the last three terrorist attacks will have on our country and in deed the world as many of those who died were tourists.

However, as we know we must strive to be happy in our lives and continue to be kind to those around us and I have been so uplifted by two mother-centred practitioners I met this week.

Laura of and Lene of have fantastic local practices supporting women via Osteopathy at Fresh Ground on corner of Northcote Road and Pelvic Floor exercises at home via the Body Connect website.

Reach out to the wonderful women within our community who can enrich your life

By Baby Intuition, Apr 21 2017 04:37PM

When should you start introducing your baby to solid food? So much to consider in this crazy world of TOO much information available - how do you sift out the fake info!

Key things to look out for are:

Developing a pincer grasp with thumb and forefinger

Grabs objects and puts then into their mouth

Baby able to sit unsupported

Loss of tongue-thrust reflex

Do not introduce solid food before baby is 17 weeks old and ideally not before 6 months old, but some babies have the above skills from 4 months so follow your instincts

Then consider how do you want baby's meals to fit in or around your family meals?

Remember food is fun until one and this is the full 5 senses experience for baby, it's not just about the taste but

what they see - orange or green?

how food sounds - a soft swallow or a bit of a munch

what does is smell like - full flavoured or mild

and the messy bit what does it feel like - good to throw around!

If you want to book a group of friends with babies into a fun with food workshop - contact

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